supposed Habbush meeting Dec 2002 Edit

Claims he met with a representative of Habbush in Dec 2002.

" The first approach appears to have been made last December through the CIA's former head of counter-terrorism, Vincent Cannistraro.

"I was approached by someone representing Tahir al-Tikriti - the Iraqi intelligence chief also known as [General] Tahir Habbush - who said Saddam knew there was a campaign to link him to September 11 and prove he had weapons of mass destruction," said Mr Cannistraro. "The Iraqis were prepared to satisfy those concerns. I reported the conversation to senior levels of the state department and I was told to stand aside and they would handle it," he said. He later heard the Iraqi offer had been "killed" by the Bush administration. "

"Saddam's desperate offers to stave off war", Borger Whitaker and Dodd, The Guardian, nov 7 2003 link is here

Question - Is there anyone else who can confirm this?

Lockerbie Edit

Was involved in investigating the Lockerbee bombing of the airplane that crashed in scotland.