The Suskind 'Forgery' is an article that Andrew Sullivan posted to the 'The Daily Dish' on website on August 5, 2008,

In it, he brings up questions and doubts about the Suskind books theory of the Habbush Letter, that one of his readers asked him. Which reader? Who knows.

The questions/points are as follows.

1. If the whitehouse did it, there would be no paper trail. Suskinds book mentions a piece of whitehouse stationery having something relevant written upon it.

2. Ayad Allawi gets a boon from the Con Coughlin story of late 2003, but the Whitehouse supported Allawi's rival, Ahmed Chalabi... and the CIA, which cheney supposedly disliked, supported Allawi.

3. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence had had some hearings about various things, and apparently none of this stuff came up

4. suskind is unreliable

5. Suskinds story depends on the whitehouse being friendly with Habbush, but in fact Habbush is on the 'most wanted' deck of cards.

Im paraphrasing the questions here.... because i dont want to get into copyright trouble. You can read the linked article yourself and see exactly what the reader person said.