This is an article by Con Coughlin posted Aug 19 2008.

points re habbush Edit

"fanciful conspiracy theory that British intelligence informed the White House that Iraq's intelligence chief had told them that the WMD's no longer existed."

q: so.... shipster didnt meet with habbush prewar?? q: or... shipster did meet with habbush, but noone told the US? q: or.. shipster met with habbush, and brits told us, but habbush didn't say theres 'no wmds'.

q: is coughlin saying that if habbush had told shipster, and shipster had told dearlove, and dearlove had told cheney, that coughlin would have some opinion about that?

points re letter Edit

  • Coughlin says he got the memo from Ayad Allawi
  • Coughlin denies he got it from the CIA
  • Coughlin says he got the memo in November 2003, in Baghdad
  • Coughlin says they has no means of verifying authenticity at the time

But even though I went through this in painstaking detail with Mr Suskind, he tried to persuade me that I had in fact received the information from the CIA, which was simply not the case."

question: where did allawi get it from? question: did allawi tell coughlin where he got it?