FANDOM is a website that has general information that would appear to refute many statements of The Way of the World, a book by Ron Suskind.

Authentic? Edit

The website hs many 'statements' from people including Richer, Tenet, etc, but does not cite where it got any of the statements.

It has no authorship or contact information either.

Rob Richer, supposedly, responds Edit

On August 8, 2008, Ron Suskind released a partial transcript of his taped interview with Rob Richer. put up Statement from Rob Richer, Aug 8, 2008, apparently in response.

Reporter Jeff Stein says that Richer says, statement is legit Edit

In an article dated augut 13, 2008, on Spytalk blog, Jeff Stein says that during a phone interview, Richer confirms the statement from the website is his. [1]

See CIA Man: Web Site Statement on Suskind Book is Mine

Date of site creation Edit

  • stopped accepting new registration on or before August 4

[2] [3] [4]

  • book came out on aug 5


  • this might mean the page creator had foreknolwedge of book

hitcount history Edit

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