Article that tries to lay out basics of Iraqi intelligence services.

From fall 2002, by Ibrahim al-Marashi

"The five primary agencies that make up the Iraqi security apparatus are al-Amn al-Khas (Special Security), al-Amn al-'Amm (General Security), al-Istikhbarat (Military Intelligence), al-Mukhabarat (General Intelligence), and al-Amn al-'Askari (Military Security).

All these agencies also play a role in the procurement and concealment of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program."


Suskind is talking about Habbush, saying Habbush was in charge of the WMD programs, which Suskind indicates would make Habbush into a believable source on the question. right?

But, this document would appear to say that, many people besides Habbush would have been involved in WMDs? right?

So... did the CIA or MI6 have sources in these other departments?


What are the sources for Ibrahim's story?

claims KGB trained Iraqis to hide WMDs Edit

Uses as its source Scott Ritter's book.

Question: what is scott ritters source? what are his sources for the KGB story? is there any grain of truth in there somewhere? whats the evidence?

question: what happened to the KGB after the soviet union fell? were the same people involved in dealing with iraq/russia relations then?