link is here

in addition to the same crap as in every other interview........

lots of philosophical stuff

a reader brings up galloway.

questions about sources,, he cant go into it.

talks about CIA, what their mindset might e regarding letter

talks about Cheneys' paperless whitehouse...

lots of its in the book i can see jon stewart staring at him lol

why now Edit

Some of the people involved here -- both on the record and off the record sources -- felt that it was important to get the truth out and have a proper closure to this period rather than have these questions unanswered as this administration leaves the stage, leaving it as matters of debate in dusty history. Especially in a year of informed consent, where the nation's trying to figure out where we go from here.

question: in other words, some of his sources, and maybe he himself, are trying to influence the 2008 elections?