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"I also had internal discussions during the fall of 2003 regarding the possibility of using Habbush in some way to minimize the impact of the growing Iraqi insurgency. . . . I was talking about was the possibility of using him to tamp down the insurgency – not to influence western public opinion. . . . I was asked to respond to documents regarding the potential use of Habbush upon his defection and during the difficult fall of 2003 when we were wrestling with a developing Iraqi insurgency and ways to combat it. "

Q: ok.... how exactly wuld you have used habbush to tamp down the insurgency?

"In a classified area, there's an assumption that if it is open, it can't be as good as if you stole it," Richer said. "I'm seeing that at least 80 percent of what we stole was open." [1]

Q: so... this website could theoretically know 80% of what the CIA knows?

"The legacy of this era is how the US political system manipulated intelligence and didn't play it straight with the American people . . . The story of Habbush, from beginning to end, is maybe the most dramatic single emblem of that" , Way of the World, pg 386

Q: Ouch dude.. can you elaborate?

"Rob: Let me tell you what I know, just so before you color any of it. Is that when you first asked me about it I remember just really telling you that it was a non-event, and if you were to ask me today I would tell you it was a non-event. It came down from the seventh floor. It was part of--as I remember it, it wasn't so much to influence America--that's illegal--but it was kinda like a covert, a way to influence Iraqis."

Q: What is the 7th floor

Q: What was a way to influence Iraqis? What is Richer talking about here, exactly?

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? - ?



"overseen operations in Russia" [2]

1999 - ?

Amman Jordan station chief [3]

Decemberish 2002 - ?

head of Near East Division of CIA [4] [5]

? - fall 2005

Associate Deputy Director of Operations

(ie, 2nd in command of Directorate of Operations under Jose Rodriguez) [6]

fall 2005 - ?

vice president of intelligence, blackwater [7]

feb 2007 - feb 2008

worked at total intelligence solutions [8] [9] [10]

feb 2008 - ??


aug 2008

"he's now working with King Abdullah of Jordan as his main job" interview - Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, and Ron Suskind, Aug 2008

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wikipedia:Rob Richer


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  5. pg 361, Way of the World, Suskind- in december he'd 'just been appointed'