On august 5, 2008, Keith Obermann interviewed Ron Suskind on his show on MSNBC.

Its posted on youtube : [1]


Suskind makes essentially very similar arguments he made in his Fresh Air interview of August 7.

Suskinds claims:

1. Rob Richer was 'fine with the book' in the morning, but in the afternoon changed his prespective.

2. Richer and Maguire are under 'pressure', they are both government contractors, and worried about their future employment prospects

3. John Maguire. does not have a copy of the book. has been exchanging positive emails with suskind. is in iraq doing consulting work.

4. Maguire's 'denial' statement is based on Richer feeding Maguire details about the book that are erroneous.

5. 'There is a limit to what a journalist can do'. he calls for congressional hearings, 'testimony under subpoena, with threat of purgery'

He thinks that Maguire will 'stand up in daylight'. This is on Aug 5. On his aug 7th interview on Fresh Air, does he still have hope for maguire?

He goes on to talk about habbush and his claims of 'no wmd' before the invasion. links with british inteligencce, etc etc etc.

then.... he goes on to claim that "five yers, they've kept him in hiding'. (habbush) resettlment agreement, 5 miion dollar payment claim. He claims it is probably 'hush money'. implies that the 5 million was essentially a pay off for participating in the habbush letter forgery.

oberman asks him about the tenet/wh denials.

suskind says its expected. claims they are doing character assassination.