"Iraq Spy Service Planned by U.S. To Stem Attacks"

Article from Washington Post, wirrten by Wright and Priest, thurs dec 11 2003

paul bremer Edit

accordoing to 'some us officials' Paul Bremer:

  • summer 2003 -
    • 'dissolved iraqs four intelligence services'
    • also ministry of information
    • also ministry of defense
  • dec 2003 'has become more open to using former Iraqi intelligece officials in the new service'

q: what were the 4 iraq intel services? q: who was in them when they were disbanded? was habbush still there? was anyone still there? what happened to their documents? q: which of these services specialized in forgery? or did they all?

allawi and badran Edit

  • chalabi is opposed to the service

how do they know who to let in the new serviceEdit

  • vet - polygraph machines to iraq
  • help from officials in other nations
  • iraqis on gov. council
  • political leaders of provinces

meticulous records Edit

" Hussein's government kept meticulous records of its intelligence personnel and operations. Literally tons of these documents are now in U.S. hands and are being used to question new intelligence service recruits. "

any written by habbush? were these documents used to create the habbush letter? where are they?


talks about savak, in the shah's old iran from mid 20th century