George Galloway is a British Member of Parliament.

He was accused by various personages and governments of committing crimes related to the UN 'oil for food' program in Iraq during the 1990 sanctions years.

Several of these accusations held their evidence as being documents from Iraq that turned out to be forged. Some of those forgeries might be related to Habbush. Alot of this seesm to have happened in mid-2003. We need some help figuring this out. Please edit.

He sued a newspaper that published stories about some documents (which might not be forgeries).... almost a 'reverse ron suskind' thing.... but Galloway sued them for defamaion, which is a lot easier to do in the UK, because they have no First Amendment and not as strong a legal tradition of free speech protection....

he wins lawsuit

wikipedia:George Galloway

There are also a lot of other rather unusual features of Mr Galloways life, which are possibly not so relevant to the question of the Habbush letter... but..

He made many trips to Baghdad He is a hard core 'leftist' in ideology

Qeustion: What effect did Galloway's situation have on the thinking of the pro-war people? The American? The British? The Italian? Did they even know about it? The forgery situation with Christian Science Monitor came out as a story in mid-2003, if someone was gonna make a forgery for Dec 2003, the Habbush Letter, wouldn't they think people would analyze it death and figure out it was fake?