Interview on the bbc, aug 19 2008.

link here

first part is ron suskind, alone with interviewer. second part is bbc reporter, gordon carerra, alone with interviewer.

suskind calls for declassification of the Habbush Report

suskind says if they want to know tony blairs opinion of the report, the british public need to ask him.

suskind talks about how habbush provided doubt... because he was not some shmoe iraqi, he was the head of intelligence.

carerra part:

says he receieved a statement of dearlove. the standard statement. says that dearlove claims the meeting with him and suskind was misrepresented.

carerra says that 'sources i spoke to' do not deny that a secret meeting took place with habbush, and habbush denied the existence of wmds.

the interviewer talks about the key being habbushs credibility, and ron suskinds view of that credibility. carerra talks about the 'the issue' , '[habbush seems to be discounted]'.

whether habbush was a spy for the british, or whether he was just a guy saying what saddam wanted him to say.

question: interview does not mention Naji Sabri / Bill Murray issue at all. See Michael Shipster. why not?