This is a story on the 'newsbusters' website.

the story reports on the aug 22 stteent from tenet, and the cia statement from aug 22.

  • says the 'mainstream media' 'gushed' over ron's allegations
  • asks whether tenet / cia rebuttal will get as much attention as suskinds allegations

Question: does the fact that he was on a book junket influence how much the 'main stream media' covered it? Question: what about the rebuttals of richer, maguire, tenet, and the whitehouse on august 5ish? does the 'main stream media' feel that they have already covered this story,.. since they already mentioned the denials in most of the interviews with suskind? do they simply not feel any more on this story is newsworthy? why not?

comments section Edit

the page has a lot of comments in the comments section. here are some points raised:

  • suskind not credible
    • says suskind provided no proof about meeting in 2004 where suskind claimed bush didnt know shia from sunni
  • the media is paying too much attention to suskinds book b/c it is 'trashing republicans', it is 'rumors' and 'hearsay'
  • the book got attention simply because it was against bush
  • "Even conservative talk radio has been mostly silent on this.. . . you'd hope that Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham or someone could spend just a few minutes letting the air out of this windbag, Suskind."
  • "the left has moved on"