"CIA Man: Web Site Statement on Suskind Book is Mine" is an artice on the website '' dated August 13, 2008, written by Jeff Stein.


In it he claims that Rob Richer has verified the authenticity of the response attributed to him on Suskind response

The jist Edit

  • Richer says "in a breif telephone interview" that the statement on the suskind response website of aug 8, 2008, is his
  • Says the website is not his
  • Says he doesn't know how to make websites
  • Says he doesn't know who made the website


Question: If this is Richers 'formal statement', how come the only place I can find it on the web is a mysterious website with no authorship or contact information (then again, who am i to talk, look at this wiki...). Where else was the formal statement published? Can we get a good confirmation of this information once and for all?

Question: "In a brief telephone interview today". Who is that between? Stein and Richer? Did Richer actually confirm the entire thing? Has Richer seen the site? Where else did he put his 'formal statement'? Can we get a real link please?

Question: Is Richer saying, in fact, that Suskind did not get permission for their conversations to be taped? Because that is what the 'formal statement' on the website says.

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