This is the unknown person that gave the Habbush Letter (here called 'an intelligence document') to Con Coughlin.

Who coud the person be? Who knows. Maybe not a member of the Iraq National Congress because an INC spokesman apparenty called the whole story a bunch of rubbish... im too lazy to loook up the cite for that now, but can do it later.

Here is where cougin mentions our unknown person of this article: in an interview with Tom Brokaw, Dec 14, 2003. the transcript found on

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Brokaw: And tell us about the article that you have today in the Sunday Telegraph about Mohamed Atta and any connections that he may have had to the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.

Coughlin: Well, this is an intriguing story, Tom. I mean, basically, when I was in Baghdad, I picked up a document that was given to me by a senior member of the Iraqi interim government. It's an intelligence document written by the then-head of Iraqi intelligence, Habush to Saddam.